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We believe books help to formulate bright ideas.


"Effective Entrepreneurs Read"
Here are 4 books to read that will make you an even more effective entrepreneur.  Hope this list helps to grow you as an Entrepreneur.  

  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Investitude
  • How to Buy & Sell a Business
  • Success Is Not An Accident

SUCCESSFUL entrepreneuRS

"Failure is not the End"
A successful entrepreneur won't view failing as the end of a story, but as an opportunity to grow, develop, and sharpen their skills.  Therefore, our focus here is to share the story of a sucessful
entrepreneur that found the road to their
success in failure.  Read full article.



Best Smart Phone for 2013 by Sasha Brown
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Tired of Losing? Check Your Strategy               by Audrey K. Chisholm

Strategy is the ability to leverage the resources

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you have been given in order to win in a given situation.  I started my apparel without having any prior experience in the retail industry.  I was still able to win because I relied on God for supernatural strategy.  I prayed and God gave me

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new entrepreneurs

4 Effective Ways You Can Raise Capital for
Your Start-Up Business by Tom Bordon
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Inspire Innovative
Thinking At Work by Tom Bordonr
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The Right Leadership
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