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Learn what makes them a  powerful combination.

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We believe books help to formulate bright ideas.

fgbau BUSINESS Tips

"Easy Business Cash Savers"
Looking for something easy to save your business money.  Here are 4 simple tips to save your business some cash.

  • Remove unnecessary expense.
  • Inquire about insurance discounts.
  • Go digital to save cost from printing.
  • Allow employees to work from home.


"The Right Leadership"  

In the recession, business leaders all over are strapping for solutions to stay afloat to keep their doors open.  The mindset of some leaders has shifted from seeing their business as a plethora of opportunity to becoming a money sinkhole filled with stress and unrealistic expectations.  
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However, some business leaders have transformed these hard times in the recession into moments of opportunity.  These business leaders are called Business Trendsetters and are celebrated


Tell us what you think.
Companies have been disappearing. While some make it to see another year, others are left behind.

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Our focus:  Block-buster Video (1985- ?)
Is it possible for Block-Buster to rebound? Where did the company go wrong?  Are you a Block-Buster customer?  How could it earn your business or retain your business?

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Leadership vs. Leadersheep Mentality.
We all have different experiences.  These experiences have been used to shape our views, perspectives, and understanding as to how we see business. Our experiences often affirm what we value in our employees and the work culture as well

as what we may see as a
potential problem (even if it is not). So what mentality do you value:  Leadership or Leadersheep?

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And does what you value in
your employees contribute to your business success?  Or, the unfortunate demise of your business?

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