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"Failure is not the End"    

by Dr. J.P. Chisholm

A successful entrepreneur won't view failing as the end of a story, but as an opportunity to grow, develop, rebuild, and sharpen their skills.  Therefore, our focus here is to share five (5) rebuilding tips to help you to bounce-back from failure and become a successful entrepreneur.   that found the road to their
success in failure.  Read full article.
1.    Failure is not the end!

An effective entrepreneur won’t ever view failure as the end, but as an opportunity to learn, grow, mature, and sharpen their skills.  They use their failures and setbacks as an opportunity to enhance their business skills and practices.  

2.  Stick to the plan but be flexible. 

Effective entrepreneurs will also stick to their business plan but will make adjustments or shifts in it due to company growth or unexpected obstacles.  

3.  Being willing to learn.

Effective entrepreneurs are always willing to learn new information in order to be the best.  Sometimes this involves taking a class, learning new software, or buying a book.  Effective entrepreneurs do not run from learning but embrace it.  They realize that if they allow themselves to fall behind in what is current, they will be left behind in the marketplace.

4. Focus on what you know, not what you don’t know.

Effective entrepreneurs won’t go around broadcasting their Achilles heel (weakness), but they will cleverly focus on the techniques that they know and/or familiar with to achieve their goal.  As for their weakness, they will also build a team that embraces it as its strength.  

5.  Don’t try to please everyone.

Effective entrepreneurs realize that they are different and that the people around them might not have the same aspirations nor understand their decisions.  In spite of this, effective entrepreneurs remain confident, they never belittle their ideas to fit in, and realize they will never be accepted by everyone.  

One final note:  All entrepreneur will fail at times.  But, only a successfully entrepreneurs can bounce-back from failure.  I hope these tips will help propel you into becoming a successful entrepreneur.    

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