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"The Right Leadership"

by Dr. J.P. Chisholm

In the recession, some business leaders feel that they are trapped in a rat race and are looking all over for solutions to stay afloat to keep their doors open.  The mindset of some leaders has shifted from seeing their business as a plethora of opportunity to becoming a money sinkhole filled with stress and unrealistic expectations.     

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However, some business leaders have transformed these hard times in the recession into moments of opportunity.  These business leaders are called “Business Trendsetters” and are celebrated for their business adaptability and in some cases their refusal to give up on themselves and their business in spite of adversity.  These business leaders continue to strive and succeed in a difficult economic time.


Do you know of a business leader that has been able to strive and succeed in these difficult times?  If so, nominate them as our “Business Trendsetter” in our next month’s article.  We would like to share their story of overcoming business adversity and finding success in a touch economic time.

Nominate your company as a Business Trendsetter by emailing us at and explain "What makes your company a Business Trendsetter?"  Also, be sure to include a contact number so we can follow-up with you for additional questions.

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