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fgbau Money Tips

"Spendless, Have more."
"Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone."  Here are 5 tips to help you to spend less from each paycheck:

  • Use Coupons for Shopping. 
  • Buy items at a Discount. 
  • Check your check for accuracy.
  • Catching the bus saves gas funds.
  • Check out free items from the library.

Personal finance

"4 Ways to Establish Credit without Using a Credit Card"

Here are 4 ways to establish credit without using a credit card.
1.  Maintain A Bank Account.
 Free  Fin'l Consultation with code: FG7
2. Paying a bill in your name
(i.e., phone bill or utility bill).

3. Having a stable employment
                                                                   4. Living at the same place of residence.   

KEEP the change

"Check your Receipt"
Do people not check their receipts after making  routine purchases?  Do you check your receipts?

Sign up to be a Young Investors

Take our check your receipt survey and
find out where your change could be coming up short.  Results will be posted next month.  Click on the link below to get started with the survey.

Click here for our "Check Your Receipt Survey"

"Just married,  why are fighting about money?"
Couples fighting about money is not uncommon.  In fact, fights about money are among the top fights that couples tend to have.  But money in isolation may not be the problem.  Instead, the conflict may

stem from the individual and their personal money policy.
Here are 4 solutions to help amicably discuss the finances.

Buy this book and Read Ch. 8 based on Amos 8:8

1. Set Ground Rules:   
to disagree.  
--Also agree that both spouses will refrain from doing the following:

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